Sunday, August 30, 2015

3.5 years later....

   Well it's only been 3.5 years since my last blog post! Thanks to my friend, Nikki, I've been inspired to start up this blog again. I feel like it's a modern version of family history - and because of technology, an easy way to add text, photos, and videos! 

   So what has happened in 3.5 years?!? 
* 4 houses (Oregon Street, Pecos apartment, Swan Drive, Lola Lane {which better be permanent!})
* 2 hearts walking outside my body! 
* Tom's "new" job at Grand Canyon University
* I taught 5th grade for 7 years at Tarwater and now stay at home with my sweethearts 
* Serious lack of sleep!!!
* Heart so full of love it could burst! 

   On April 3, 2015, James Oliver Skeen entered the world.  
He changed out life forever! He is now 2.5 years old and has the spunk and attitude you'd expect any 2 year old to have! He has taken the role of big brother very well with minimal jealousy (except when it comes to a Minnie Mouse doll that grandma just gave to sister!). Oliver is a very cautious little boy, which means he likes to try new things but it takes him awhile to warm up to it. He LOVES basketball and doing art work. He sings extremely well. So many great attributes, which is why I'm blogging again so I can capture more precious moments and tender mercies from the Lord! 

   Paisley Rose Skeen was born March 2, 2015. 
She is now almost 6 months old. Paisley is the best baby in the whole world. She is happy and loves to smile. She fusses when she wants to go to sleep. I wish I could be a tenth as happy as she is! And I really pray that her easy going, smiling personality is a character trait that stays with her for life! 

   I have been keeping a journal on the Internet and wrote (in graphic detail!) both birth stories. I might publish them here just to always remember them and save them in another location in case something happens to our computer and back ups! 

I love my little family. The days are long but the years are short! Heavenly Father has blessed me and continues to do so. I need to realize his hand in all ways because he truly is mindful of me. 

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