Monday, August 8, 2011

Husbands... Can't live with 'em ... Can't live without 'em!

We are going to be moving in a few months.  To try to get ahead of the game, Tom and I decided that we should do a little "spring cleaning" and get rid of junk we don't need.  Then we don't have to move that junk to the new place!

Let me set the scene:  Tom is downstairs in the "under-the-stairs" closet.  He is cleaning out his tubs of old electronics to donate. I am upstairs in my bedroom closet.  I am cleaning out clothing to donate.

For about 45 minutes, we are cleaning away.  I, very begrudgingly, decided to donate clothes, shoes, purses, belts, etc. that I have had all the way back to high school!  (I had to admit to myself that I'm not size 7 anymore... My days of 130 pounds are LONG gone....)  It was hard for me to say goodbye to many old favorites.  I do clean out my closet fairly regularly, but this was a SERIOUS clean out.  Two giant garbage bags of stuff.

Enter Tom upstairs.

Tom is carrying a small, hand-held device.  "I want to get rid of my bulky scripture case and take my scriptures to church on THIS."  He shows me his Palm Pilot, circa 1995, is my guess.  "Tom... the point of tonight's cleaning is to get RID of these things... not resurrect them!  Put that old Palm Pilot in the "donate" pile."  "No Way!" he cries.  "This thing is awesome.  And now I can be cool like you and have my scriptures on an electronic device."  "Tom, there is nothing cool about a Palm Pilot anymore!"  "It's just like your fancy phone, Morgan, except with my device, I have to use a stilus."

I already know that in about 2 weeks time, that Palm Pilot is going to be back on his shelf, never to be used at church.  I will just wait out these next 2 weeks, and then sneak the Palm Pilot into the donation bag.

Oh, by the way... Here is a picture of Tom "downloading" the scriptures onto his Palm Pilot:

"I just have to plug it in to the back of my computer .... It doesn't have internet download like your phone does."

No kidding, Tom .... It's a Palm Pilot at least 10 years old!!

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  1. oh man my dad had one of those and it was so cool! you two are so techie.