Monday, August 8, 2011

Silly Kitty!!

We have two cats.

Harvey is black and white, about a year old, and nicknamed "The Linebacker".  He gets into trouble constantly.  He loves attention, especially between the hours of midnight and 6am.  For that reason, he sleeps in his own bedroom with the door closed.   He also barks at birds.

Rita is a dilute-tortie.  She is sweet and kind and likes to be left alone.  We rescued her from Friends For Life, a no kill shelter in Gilbert, AZ.  She is the perfect kitty, except that she meows bloody-murder at 4am for no apparent reason.  We're working on that ....

Surprisingly, Rita loves company, whereas Harvey freaks and hides.  The other night, Collin and Nikki came over to play.  They watched our cats for a week while we were in Utah, so the kitties are very familiar with them.  But Harvey, as always, runs upstairs and hides the minute they come over.  A few hours later, with C&N still here, I go upstairs to use the potty.  While sittin' on the toilet (a bit graphic, I know!), I try to peek under the bed to see if Harvey is there.  That's his usual hiding spot.  SUDDENLY, i see out of the corner of my eye, the cabinet under the sink slowly begins to open.  I see 4 white whiskers peek out of the cabinet.  No nose, no head, no ears.  The whiskers slowly retreat back into the cabinet and the cabinet door closes without a sound.  That little rascal hid under the sink!!!  He gets himself into so much trouble.

Here is a picture, taken just the day before the bathroom cabinet incident, where Harvey decided to take a rest in the kitchen cabinet.  What a stink pot!

We certainly love our kitties!

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  1. hahahahahahh!!! those pictures of Harvey are SO funny! and rita is such a cutie. That story of the whiskers in the cabinet was even funnier this time. hahahah. I LOVE those kitties! It's Monte's birthday this Saturday!!!